Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Online Casino Slotland: Player Testimonial - 109SIDNEY

You know the song by the Ildivo Group (All By Myself)? We'll All By Myself I wondered if I had went to heaven when the Treasure Box stated to hit. first I had the 150% for my deposit in August, played the Max and hit 111's second hit on third line. Okay, I looked to see what my withdrawal limit was and still had to wager $1100.00 before a withdrawal could be made. Okay, then the combinations started to hit. I couldn't believe it. Played through the $1100.00 and was up $1700.00. Jackpot is coming I said, but you know it was worth the play. Money management and discipline, that's the key, but the snacks while playing? I must have gained three pounds. If I hit the Jackpot in the future, I will loose all the weight I've gained the last 7 years. The secret is stay in the chair and not leave for Ice Box raiding. On several occasions I slipped and grabbed to many goodies. For those who are new to the games, don't let them intimadate you. You can win if play without trying to win. Slotland has a unique style with the site. It's fun to play and the support you get surpasses even the casinos I've played in. During the time I wrote this, I had a Ham Sandwich, Lord O'Mighty I need help. :)

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