Thursday, September 3, 2009

Online Casino Slotland: Player Testimonial

After a long, busy day, late at night... around midnight on a Monday to be exact I went to Slotland to relax and unwind as I often do. I started playing at one of my favorite machines: Booster with a modest amount of $100. I always play the $5.00 a spin.That makes the winning payouts on the Booster Spins spectacular. Sure enough Old Faithful Booster soon gave me 3 lemons for a $200 win! Then I won $150 when 3 Dollar signs lined up, followed a few spins later by 3 green grapes for $300! I was getting quite a little nest egg together when Booster decided to give it a rest and the wins stopped...I gave a little back,then decided to switch to a machine that kept catching my eye... Reel Riot, all shiny and new with its glowing fruit symbols. I still had over $400 so I decided to start playing with the max: $ 40 a spin! Wow! I felt like a High Roller! Of course there was still a voice of reason in the back of my head telling me that I could not last for long at this rate:$40 a spin. But Beautiful Reel Riot did not disappoint. After the sinking feeling of the first three three or four luckless spins, two red cherries loomed up accompanied by the Double Wild symbol which doubled the win to $160. Still heady from my first win on Reel Riot, soon three ripe apples filled the screen for a win of $120.Three cherries came up a few spins later doubling my bet to an $80 win. I seemed to have hit Reel Riot's Generous Streak...or my Lucky Streak... because the wins just kept coming! Two bunches of bananas and a Double Wild Symbol gave me $320. Then a few spins later,out of the blue. I don't even remember what I hit but red lettering said I'd won a 'Free Bonus Spin'! Then another! The whole screen changed as I entered the Special Bonus Game where I won $80! Then I hit a number with an arrow and my bet was multiplied and I moved to the payline above. I was heady with excitement over all these wins and bonuses until finally I hit the Stop Symbol and The Bonus Game was over. My winnings were up to over $1900 ! I gave some back to Reel Riot before I could tear myself away. But I walked away with a cool $1423. Thank you Reel Riot. I think you are my favorite machine now! I can't wait to visit you again!

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