Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Virtual Casino Slotland: Player Testimonial

I had not been having much luck as of late at virtual casino Slotland. Actually that is not true! I just love playing so much that I have a hard time taking my winnings when they are there! Recently I played back over $1400 and it just made me sick. I wondered why did I do that. But I know why, I just can't resist playing. Love the Slotland.

Last week I decided to invest just a couple of hundred and then let it rest for a while. I went to my favorite game, Jacks or Better and almost immediately hit four of a kind for $250. (I always play the max when there is a big jackpot at stake.) This was on a Wednesday. Oh dear, long time to take my winnings and not go back to play more. I got the account up to $500 and told myself to take my winnings and wait until the next week to try again. Well, by Thursday night I couldn't stand it.....I went back in and played Treasure Box which was sitting on a $160 bonus on triple 7's (mixed...I have never hit 3 7's same color). I hit that and got the account eventually up to $900. So I told myself to quit again.....put in my draw. Saturday I got really anxious...wanted to play. So drew out $100 at a time until I was down to $500 again and put in my draw.

Monday I thought to myself....stay away just one more day. I didn't. Drew $100 and went back to Jacks or Better and hit a straight flush for $500. Wow. Take it out. Decided to just play to an even number and went to Striking Sevens....kept hitting. Got up to $1400 then back down to $1200 and finally made my final draw. I was so proud of myself for finally taking my wins. I had so much fun. I love Slotland.

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