Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Jackpot of $175,812 Hit at Online Casino Slotland!

There was another Jackpot winner at online casino Slotland! A retired grandmother who prefers the quiet comfort of online casinos to the noise and smoke of Las Vegas recently won a progressive jackpot of $175,812 at our online casino, The player, known as QAZMLP, won this amazing prize playing Jacks or Better, one of our most played video slot poker games.

She said she used to enjoy going to casinos in Las Vegas but nowadays prefers the comfort and convenience of online slot machines.

“Maybe I am just getting too old, but within 30 minutes of getting inside the casino, I felt like I was getting a headache with all the noise and music blasting around me. I have to admit that I never thought much about it before, but it really is nice to play at Slotland because, in addition to the excitement and great winning streaks, I can control how loud and smoky (no smoke at all!) it is when I play!,” said QAZMLP. “For over five years, Slotland has been one of my little pleasures.”

The night of her big win was lucky from the start when the first hand she was dealt was a Full House in the first round. Although she’d started with small bets she took this as a good sign and increased her bets to $10. After a few more good hands she’d turned her $200 deposit into $500 in no time at all.

“In the next five hands, I ended up with a straight, 3 of a kind (twice), a dead hand, and a beautiful four of a kind,” QAZMLP recalled about the night that changed her life. “With some nice music in the background, and my drink on the desk, and breathing smoke-free air, who wouldn’t be happy?”

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“I honestly lost track of time with the best winning streak I ever had at Slotland but by the time I was dealt out the ultimate hand (I got the Ace, Queen, Jack and 10 of Spades and pulled up the King of Spades), I was almost at $1,300. With the $175,000 jackpot, I ended up with over $177,000.

QAZLAP plans to pay off the last $30,000 on her house and then take a trip-of-a-lifetime to Japan via Hawaii with her oldest granddaughter. now offers fifteen one-of-a-kind slot machines and video slot poker games. They are all instant play casino games so there is nothing to download or install. Six of the most popular games, including Jacks or Better video slot poker, are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of Slotland’s slot machines, including the mobile versions, are tied to one progressive jackpot which was reset to $50,000 after the last win and again climbs up.

Slotland’s 3D casino,, has a separate progressive jackpot of its own. The jackpot there, where the new video slot poker game “Deuces Wild” was just launched, is currently over $125,000.

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