Thursday, October 25, 2012

Slotland Customer Service Supervisor, Robert Rejnek, Moves to Slotland Affiliates Team

Slotland’s Customer Service Supervisor has crossed the office to join the marketing team as a Casino Affiliate Manager. After twelve years on the front lines, Robert Rejnek understands players.

Slotland Affiliates represents two of the most popular and well-established online slots and casino game sites in the world, and

“During the first years of our operation Customer Service also provided support to affiliates,” said Robert. “So I’ve attended some conferences and met affiliates that I’m pleased to see are still getting monthly checks from us! I look forward to meeting lots of people in London in January.”

Robert is 33 and has two children. His hobbies are riding horses and motorcycle touring.

“Over the years I’ve gained knowledge about our players’ behavior and advantages of our brands that I would like to share with our affiliates.”

Slotland Affiliates has earned a reputation for being extremely trustworthy and for paying both players’ winnings and affiliates’ commissions quickly. So it’s no wonder that the company’s players and affiliates are fiercely loyal to the Slotland and WinADay brands. Slotland Affiliates, a program paying affiliates on the first business days every month since 1998, offers webmasters a choice between Gross Revenue and Net Revenue shares up to 50%. There is no negative carry over – negative balances are reset to zero at the start of each month.

Slotland, which just celebrated its fourteenth birthday, has 27 instant-play video slots. They’re all unique and none of them can be found at any other online casino. Most are tied to one frequently-hit progressive jackpot which is approaching $100,000 again after paying out $189,897 in September.

WinADay instant casino just launched its 33rd one-of-a-kind online slot machine, Fluffy Paws. Most of its slots games are tied to the same progressive jackpot which is currently over $180,000.

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