Thursday, December 19, 2013

Every Day for a Week 20 People Playing Slotland's New Treasure Island Slot Will Receive $25 Bonuses

December 19, 2013, London, UK (Press Release) – Slotland ( has just set sail with Treasure Island, a new pirate-themed slot game with a Treasure Hunt bonus game to boost winnings. Also available in a specially enhanced version for iPhones, the new Treasure Island is tied to the casino’s site-wide progressive jackpot.
To celebrate the launch of the new game, Slotland will be giving $25 bonuses to twenty players every day from December 23rd to 29th. A total of $3500 will be awarded to randomly selected Treasure Island players.

Treasure Island is a 19 pay line game with parrots, casks of rum, head hunters, compasses, Jolly Rogers and anchors spinning on its five reels. Players can bet from $.10 to $4.00 per line. An animated Double Wild symbol doubles winnings of any winning combination it appears in.

“Shiver me timbers!” laughed Slotland’s manager, Michael Hilary. “Our designers have really come up with a great bonus game this time that will really extend players’ playing time and add to their winnings. Fair winds, matey!”

Three scatter symbols (a treasure map in a bottle) triggers the Treasure Hunt Bonus Round sending players on a perilous journey in high seas and unchartered territory on the ultimate treasure hunt. After looking at a map of the island, they must first decide where to anchor their ship and then select a satchel containing a random selection of items that may come in handy when dealing with the natives. The goal is to explore the Island and to find as many treasures as possible while avoiding dangerous wild animals and exchanging items with natives.

Slotland now has 33 one-of-a-kind, instant-play slot games. Fourteen mobile slots, including the new Treasure Island, are available in a special format for iPhone and Android phones but all 33 games can be played in any browser on any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. None of them require downloading or installation, and none of them can be found anywhere but Slotland.

Most of Slotland’s slot games are tied to one site-wide progressive jackpot which is currently about $70,000 after a $182,782 win earlier this month. On Treasure Island, five “Corsair” pirate symbols with a minimum $20 bet wins the jackpot.

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