Friday, December 12, 2008

Player Testimonial 4


Hello. I have been a player at Slotland for eight years and I must say that I am proud to be a patron at Slotland. I have played at other online casinos but none compare to the hospitality and kindness from the staff at Slotland.Their promotions and bonuses are the bomb!!! I think that anyone who plays at Slotland is a winner!!!

Well, here is my latest win. I have two favorite games, Lucky Stars and the Treasure Box,. The reason why is because I seem to win bigger amounts with my two favorite games. I made a deposit of $200 and received a bonus so I decided to try my luck at the Treasure Box. I played and had already gotten up to $145.00 in the treasure box. I kept playing and on the next spin I had to look at it three times to make sure that my eyes were not deceiving me. Lo and behold there were three green 7's that was a whopping $600 dollars as I was only playing $4 instead of the $8 but I was still a very happy camper because I had won $745.00 altogether. I am so glad that I play at Slotland! As the old saying goes if you don't play you can't win!!! Thanks to everyone at Slotland for making me a proud winner!!!


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