Monday, April 18, 2011

Players Build Their Own Fairground in WinADay's New 'Fair Tycoon' Slot Machine's Bonus Game

New Fair Tycoon slot machine with bonus game at winadaycasino.comWe've just launched another new one-of-a-kind game at, the carnival-themed Fair Tycoon online slot machine with a bonus game where you can build your own amusement park. As usual, we're giving players free bonus money to try the new game and we'll give $3000 in special bonuses to the players that play it the most. To encourage feedback, we will pay 5 players $75 each for their reviews.

Fair Tycoon is an animated five reel slot machine with 17 pay lines and a Premium Game where players become a mighty tycoon. You can almost smell the hot dogs and cotton candy and hear the screams of delight coming from the amusement park rides as symbols like candy, windmills, roses and gingerbread men spin on the colourful wheels. As they spin the reels, players collect Fair Credits to use later in the bonus game when building their very own fairground. If they’re lucky, they can also collect premium attractions for their fair, like a roller coaster or ferris wheel.

In the Premium Game, the goal is to build a fairground that keeps visitors happy – and earn bonus money by doing so. Fair builders can use Credits to purchase carnival attractions, like snack food vendors or a shooting gallery, to amuse their visitors and they get to choose where to place each attraction in their fairground.

Until Easter Sunday, April 24th, when players log on to their accounts they’ll find an extra $14 has been deposited for trying out the new game. This offer is valid for all accounts, old and new. (Applicable terms and conditions apply and are posted on the website.)

The top tycoons of the week will divide $3000 in special bonus money. The 20 players with the most total bets on Fair Tycoon (April 15 through April 24) will receive bonuses up to $750 each.

Like all of the slots games at WinADay, the new Fair Tycoon is tied to the site’s progressive jackpot which is currently about $100,000. To hit the jackpot in this game requires five “Mirror” symbols on a pay line with at least a $5 total bet.

“As we always do when we launch a new game, we’ll get lots of emails from players telling us what they like and don’t like about it. ‘Love the bonus game’. ‘Not so sure about the background colour.’ ‘Animations are cool.’ Things like that. We have a core group of long-time, regular players that know we consider everything they say in the development of our next new game,” said WinADay manager Michael Hilary. “To thank them for taking the time to tell us what they think, and to encourage other players to do so, we’ve started paying five players $75 each for their comments when we launch a new game. Usually we publish them in our player e-newsletter.”

Players should send their thoughts on the new game to

With the addition of Fair Tycoon, now has 24 one-of-a-kind online slot machines, video poker, roulette and keno games. They’re all instant-play online casino games so there’s no downloading or installation required.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Special Bonuses Next Week to Celebrate Launch of New Jewels of the Ancients Slot Machine with Bonus Game

Jewels of the Ancients Slot Machine with Bonus Game at SlotlandVampires, bats and gargoyles provide the ominous theme for our new Jewels of the Ancients slot machine. The ghoulish new 19 pay line slot machine has jewels, treasure maps, mystical goblets and even vampire-slaying garlic spinning on its five reels and has a Bonus Game for extra playing time and extra cash prizes up to $1000. We have a special bonus and a free contest this week to celebrate the launch of our twentieth one-of-a-kind game.

Until 10th April, all players that log on to will find an extra $12 deposited in their account just to try out the new Jewels of the Ancients game and every spin on the new game will earn one ticket in a free Vampire Draw. On April 13th we will randomly select one player to win $500, another 2 players will receive $250 each, 7 will get $100 each and ten more lucky players will win $50 each. (Terms and conditions are posted on the site.)

Three Full Moon symbols trigger the bonus round on the new Jewels of the Ancients game. (The moon is a scatter symbol and pays out no matter where it is located.) In the bonus game, players turn over cards trying to reveal as many different Bonus Symbols as possible. Collecting all six golden symbols – a bat, fallen angel, gargoyle, ankh cross, Nosferatu the Vampire and Dracula -- wins $1000.

It helps to get as many special gold Bonus Symbols during the main game as possible since any that appear on the slots reels are automatically revealed at the start of the Bonus Game giving a head start and increasing chances of winning the bonus cash.

Like all of the slot machines at Slotland, Jewels of the Ancients is tied to the site’s progressive jackpot which is currently about $90,000. The jackpot can be won on any of Slotland’s slots games – on Jewels of the Ancients it takes five Diamonds with minimum $20 bet to win the jackpot

We've been offering one-of-a-kind online slot machines and video poker games for more than twelve years. There are now 20 instant-play casino games to choose from – none of them found at any other online casino.

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