Saturday, May 9, 2009

Player Testimonial 5

On a recent Thursday afternoon, I deposited $100 into my Slotland account with hopes of winning big. Right off the bat, I received a generous Monthly Mystery Bonus of $45. I played Golden 8 for a while, but initially my luck was not so good. At one point, my balance dropped to $3, and I thought my luck might run out.

I switched to the Jacks or Better card game and increased my balance to $15. Upon returning to the Golden 8 slot machine, I quickly won a bonus spin for collecting my sixth blue diamond. This was very exciting, since I know from experience that the bonus spins can win big. The bonus spin won nearly $50.

Next, I played Jacks or Better again and drew several good hands, increasing my balance to over $100. I decided to start playing Slotris, which is one of my favorite games because I have been a fan of Tetris for many years. This is where my adventure became truly exciting. I had a major winning streak including several $500 wins. I withdrew $1,705 and received the money within a few days. I had several hours of fun playing three of my favorite Slotland games, and I left with my biggest win ever.

This experience has taught me to be optimistic and never give up. My intention is to use the windfall to make home improvements and take a short vacation. Next time, I hope to be even luckier and win the big jackpot! I do all of my gambling at Slotland because they have an incredible bonus program and fair games, and they process withdrawals promptly. Thank you for a wonderful day, Slotland!