Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3D Online Casino Launches New Gold Boom Slot Machine

Three Dimensional Online Casino Lobby Now Features Five Unique Slots and a Progressive Jackpot Currently at $130,000+

When 3D casino WinADay.com launched earlier this year it promised to keep the new slot machines coming and they’ve certainly made good on that promise. In October the unique online casino operated by Slotland.com introduced the new Heavenly Reels slot machine. This week the unique casino has added yet another one-of-a-kind game. With symbols that hearken back to gold rush days, Gold Boom is a 9-wheel, 6-pay line slot machine that offers free bonus spins, a progressive jackpot, and awesome payouts.

“Gold miners in the wild west kept themselves going by believing they could strike it rich any minute,” said Ondrej Tuma of Slotland.com. “Slot machine players have that same feeling every time they pull the lever, so I think they’re going to enjoy this new game!”

Like on Heavenly Reels, Gold Boom players can win Bonus Spins that can pay off big time. Every time three Diamond symbols appear on a wagered pay line, one Diamond is added to the Bonus Spin Counter. When 3 bonus spin diamonds have been collected, the player wins three Bonus Spins. The amount won on those spins is based on the amount bet on the last normal spin, so strategic players will want to keep an eye on the Bonus Spin Counter when deciding on their wagers.

Three Gold symbols on a wagered payline with max bet wins the WinADay.com progressive jackpot that currently stands at just over $130K.To celebrate the launch of the new Gold Boom slot machine, WinADay.com is offering a Gold Boom Top Spinner Bonus and the Gold Boom Triple Luck Bonus. The player with the most total bets on Gold Boom between December 12 and 19 will be declared the Gold Boom Top Spinner and will be refunded 100% of their deposits made during that time. The player that gets the biggest single spin pay out during the same period will win the Gold Boom Triple Luck bonus and will have their winnings for that spin tripled.

WinADay.com players are greeted in the three-dimensional casino Games Lobby by animated casino attendants that are available to answer players questions and help them enjoy the casino experience. WinADay.com games are based on the latest instant-play, no-download Flash technology that allows designers to incorporate the rich media content that today’s online game players expect. WinADay.com casino is alive with crisp graphics, fancy animations, cool sound effects and background music. All games are original, built using proprietary software, and only available at WinADay.com. All games are tied to one progressive jackpot pool.

WinADay.com developers are already working on the next new game top be introduced at WinADay.com 3D casino. Puzzle World will be launched in the new year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Player Testimonial 4


Hello. I have been a player at Slotland for eight years and I must say that I am proud to be a patron at Slotland. I have played at other online casinos but none compare to the hospitality and kindness from the staff at Slotland.Their promotions and bonuses are the bomb!!! I think that anyone who plays at Slotland is a winner!!!

Well, here is my latest win. I have two favorite games, Lucky Stars and the Treasure Box,. The reason why is because I seem to win bigger amounts with my two favorite games. I made a deposit of $200 and received a bonus so I decided to try my luck at the Treasure Box. I played and had already gotten up to $145.00 in the treasure box. I kept playing and on the next spin I had to look at it three times to make sure that my eyes were not deceiving me. Lo and behold there were three green 7's that was a whopping $600 dollars as I was only playing $4 instead of the $8 but I was still a very happy camper because I had won $745.00 altogether. I am so glad that I play at Slotland! As the old saying goes if you don't play you can't win!!! Thanks to everyone at Slotland for making me a proud winner!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slotland Jackpot Payouts Nearly $900K with Last Week’s $110K Win

$110,125 Video Poker Jackpot is 7th Major Progressive Win This Year

December 10, 2008 (London, UK) – Just six weeks since the last big win, the progressive jackpot at Slotland.com has been hit again for six-figures. The $110,125 win last week brings the total jackpot wins in 2008 to $896,405 (€700,360). Slotland’s jackpot, available on all of the slots and video site’s games, has been hit every 4 – 6 weeks since last summer. While the jackpots aren’t the biggest on the internet -- usually $100,000 to $150,000 -- they are hit so frequently that they are increasingly popular with online slots players.

Last week’s big winner was a player known as ZONARIZ who won $110,125 (€87,728) playing one of Slotland’s popular video poker games, Striking 7s. Striking 7s is a Romanesque variation of the popular Deuces Wild video poker game. While this is the seventh major jackpot this year at Slotland, it is the first one on Striking 7s. The last time the jackpot was hit on one of the sites three video poker games was in August when MSMIKEY won $108,060 (€86,083) playing the Jacks or Better game.

“This seems to be gaining momentum,” said Slotland. “The more people hear about big jackpot wins, the more people that play our games. The jackpot goes up every time a player places a max bet, so more players means the jackpot is growing pretty fast these days!”

Slotland’s last big win was six weeks to the day before this last win. “MINE0MMINE” won $134,253 (€106.584) playing the popular Golden 8 slot machine on October 23.

A $168K win on Booster in July, $88K on Wild Heart in May, $91K on the new Four Cast in April and -- the largest win ever -- $195K on Treasure Box in March, bring the total progressive jackpot wins for the year to nearly a million dollars (over seven hundred thousand Euros).

With the launch last month of it’s latest game, Megaspin, Slotland.com now features thirteen unique slot machines and three video poker games. Four of the most popular online slot machines and two video poker games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of Slotland’s games give players the option of placing a maximum bet for a chance at the progressive jackpot. All of the slots and video poker games on the mobile network are also tied to the same jackpot pools. Slotland is available in Spanish at Es.Slotland.com.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gold Boom Preview!

This is the first time you can see our new Slot Machine for WINADAY!Gold Boom slot machine

Help us celebrate MEGASPIN

To help us celebrate MEGASPIN, we invite you to participate in special time-limited promotion where you can win one of our special bonuses!

Megaspin slot machine This special offer is valid only for the Megaspin slot machine from Friday, December 5, 00:01 PST until Friday December 12, 24:00 PST, 2008.

SLOTLAND BIG SPINNER: Be the third player with most TOTAL BETS during our promotional period and we will return to you 100% of the deposits you made during that time (Dec. 5 through Dec. 12)! This means that for you, all spins and wins are free! Remember, this offer is valid only for wagers made on the MEGASPIN slot machine.

SLOTLAND TRIPLE LUCK: Get the third biggest single spin pay out and we will triple your winnings on that spin! You will not be only lucky but you will be lucky 3 times over! Again, this offer is valid only for wagers made on MEGASPIN.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please note that final results of the promotion and the awarding of cash prizes will be performed on Monday, December 15, 2008. All cash prizes will be awarded to the winning players’ SLOTLAND game accounts. There is a 1x wagering requirement associated with the above cash prizes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slotland Launches Another Instant Classic

New MegaSpin Online Slot Machine Tied to Slotland’s Progressive Jackpot

The fruit on Slotland’s newest online slot machine may be glittering jewels, but the object of MegaSpin is the same as any fruitee and that’s to get three in a row. The new game launched this week joins 15 other unique games at the popular slots and video poker site. Like all of Slotland’s games, it is an instant-play game that requires no downloading or installation - and it can only be played at Slotland.com.

MegaSpin is a single-payline slot machine game with two sets of three-reels. Players start by spinning the bigger reels. If they win, they continue playing on the upper reels where they can multiply their winnings. Hitting three different fruit symbols wins three free spins. Wild Stars are wild and can substitute for other symbols on the payline.

“We don’t have super heroes or comic book characters,” said Ondrej Tuma of Slotland. “Our players like classic slot machines and MegaSpin follows in that tradition.”

Like all of Slotland’s unique slot machines and video poker games, MegaSpin is tied to Slotland’s progressive jackpot which was recently won for $134K and is already approaching $100K again. The progressive bonus pool continually increases as players bet and play until it is won. Three Wild Stars on each of the two reels, while betting maximum, wins the progressive jackpot.

Slotland.com now features thirteen unique slot machines and three video poker games. Four of the most popular online slot machines and two video poker games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of Slotland’s games give players the option of placing a maximum bet for a chance at the progressive jackpot. All of the slots and video poker games on the mobile network are also tied to the same jackpot pools. Slotland is available in Spanish at Es.Slotland.com.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Player Testimonial 3

I've been a player at Slotland for many years and it never gets old. The wins I've had recently have been unbeleivable. I've seen the same color sevens and the same color ones many times on the TreasureBox.

I've seen several straight flush's and four of a kind several times on Jacks or Better, On Lucky Stars, I've had three stars at least 3 times! The winning is far more than any other casino; that's why I play here. I usually play at max bet and the amounts I've won are very high. It is so exciting to see three of the same color ones for a $1200 win or even to see three stars for a $400 win, not counting the same color sevens for $500. The three stars will get you $600.00 at max bet and a straight flush will win you $500 on a $10 bet.

It is so fun I find myself playing many times a week. I've been lucky enough to win the Whale of the Month Contest for a cool $1500, and for the funniest summer story about my husband's painting episode I won $500!

Thanks Slotland, you really shine in my book!!! Thanks for all the fun!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slotland $5000 Vacation Contest winner is FACTOR from Sweden.

Here is a short interview with FAKTOR.

SLOTLAND: How long have you been playing at Slotland?
FAKTOR: I have been playing for around 9 years.

SLOTLAND: What do you like most about slot machines?
FAKTOR: The fact they are not complicated.

SLOTLAND: What is your favorite slot machine at Slotland and why?
FAKTOR: Magic, because I get free spins every now and then.

SLOTLAND: How have things changed since you first started playing?
FAKTOR: A lot of new slots have been added.

SLOTLAND: How much do you bet on average?
FAKTOR: I almost always bet the maximum allowed.

SLOTLAND: How often do you place a "Max Bet"? Why?
FAKTOR: I almost always place max bet because I want the chance to win the jackpot.

SLOTLAND: Do you usually play the progressive? Why or why not?
FAKTOR: Yes, again because I want a chance at the jackpot.

SLOTLAND: What's the most you've ever won?
FAKTOR: The most I have won was around 500 dollars.

SLOTLAND: What's your strategy for winning at slot machines?
FAKTOR: My strategy is to play on different machines.

SLOTLAND: What would you do if you won a huge jackpot ($150,000)?
FAKTOR: I would pay off my home loan and travel to Hawaii with my family.

SLOTLAND: Do you ever go to a casino to play slots or do you just play online?
FAKTOR: I go to casinos every now and then.

SLOTLAND: Have you ever played Slotland games on your mobile phone?

SLOTLAND: How do you know when it's time to quit playing for a while?
FAKTOR: When I have lost the amount I can afford to lose.

SLOTLAND: What would you like to see at Slotland?
FAKTOR: I would like a slot machine with a function for many free spins.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Heavenly Reels Contest Winners

It is time to announce the winners of our time-limited promotion, which ran from Oct. 21 through Oct. 31. Player SEPIN had TRIPLE LUCK and her biggest win of $1826.25 was tripled to $5478.75. SEPIN also won our Top Spinner contest so all her deposits made during the promotion were returned to her. Congratulations!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Three Major Jackpot Wins in a Row Set Record at Online Slots Site

$134K Progressive Jackpot Win Brings Slotland‘s Autumn Total to $411,260

For the third month in a row, the Slotland.com progressive jackpot has been hit for well over six figures bringing the total Autumn jackpot wins at the online slots and video poker site to a record-breaking $411,260. The most recent player to struck it rich at Slotland was MINE0MINE who won $134,253 playing the popular Golden 8 slot machine on October 23.

Quite uncharacteristically for the jackpot with a reputation for being hit so regularly, after a big win in March ($195K) there were no big progressive jackpot winners again until a $168K hit in August. That was the start of three in a row though – big jackpot wins pretty well monthly in August, September and now October.

“The size of the jackpot depends entirely on how many people add a little extra to their wager,” said Ondrej Tuma of Slotland. “Some players do it every wager, others only do it if they feel particularly lucky.”

The Golden 8 is a 9-wheel 8-payline slot machine featuring the largest slot wheels on the Internet. On the Golden 8 slot machine, the way to win the jackpot is to get three Bar symbols on any one pay line. The big jackpot pool can only be won if the player has bet the maximum three coins on that spin. The last jackpot win on Golden 8 was in May when TOPNOTCHED spun a $179,166 win.

The Slotland jackpot is immediately re-set to $50,000 after a win. So many people around the world play at Slotland every day, and so many of them know it can really pay off to play the progressive, it can reach six figures again very quickly.

“It’s funny how it happens sometimes,” said Tuma. “No jackpot wins over the summer and then bam, bam, bam – three in a row.”

In September, MSMIKEY won $108,060 (€78,550) playing Jacks or Better video slot. MRSSMITHS had just won $168,947 (€123,000) the month before playing the Treasure Box slot machine. Introduced just last year, Treasure Box has been lucky twice this year: TEXASTEASER won the biggest Slotland jackpot ever, $195,083 (€126,910), playing Treasure Box last March.

For further information please contact:

Larry Colcy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10th Birthday Celebrations Conclude - Birthday Contest Winner Announced

This month, www.slotland.com – among the very first online casinos - has been celebrating our tenth birthday. We’ve launched a Spanish version of their all-slots-and-video-poker site (http://es.slotland.com) as well as a new game at our 3D casino (WinADay.com) and a free slot tournament site (FreeSlot.com). A special birthday contest has awarded a $5000 vacation package to one lucky player.

There weren’t many other online casinos around when Slotland launched way back in 1998. Since then, Slotland has developed an impressive suite of online and mobile games and has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy online casino sites.

This month’s birthday celebrations included a week-long Birthday Contest. All players making a deposit of $100 or more between October 1st and 8th were automatically entered in the free contest. In a random draw a Swedish player known as “FACTOR” won a $5000 vacation package to the destination of his choice.

“I’ve only been playing at Slotland for a few years,” said the lucky winner. “They have a great selection of games that you won’t find anywhere else, and their customer service staff has always been extra helpful. With winter coming to Sweden I think I’ll use this prize to go somewhere warm and sunny!”

With the tenth birthday coming up, we checked their records to see if we had any current players that had been with them since the early days. We found quite a few players that play regularly on the site that have been playing at Slotland for many years.

“I’m not a real high roller, said a player known as “NICK” that’s been playing at Slotland since the early days. “My budget is tight but I’ve always managed to get good entertainment value from Slotland! I usually bet between $.50 and $5.00. Sometimes when I’m doing really well I’ll bet the progressive but otherwise I bet smaller just to keep going for awhile and have fun! I just won $600 on Treasure box which happens to be my favorite when I'm in the mood for something other than poker machines. A few years ago I hit $600 on the Striking 7's game – it is a bonus type machine. You can hit pretty big without a royal, just by getting the four 7's. I love that concept.”

“I don't have a strategy,” confessed the player. “I would like to say that I do, but I tend to be very impulsive! If I were to say I had a strategy it would be that I start out low and slowly work my way up (as far as bets go) and stop if I am not lucky, but that is not very often the case!”

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Player Testimonial 2


Slotland is AWESOME!! Of all the internet gambling sites Slotland is the most generous and honest!! I had an outstanding summer with so many wins I lost track of!! Each time I would make a withdrawal I would think the computer KNEW and would not let me win again. Boy was I wrong!! In September after a few deposits and even a major 500 bonus win I played one night and did terrible for awhile-then wham! The wins began again with Treasure Box! I hit the treasury for 280 and more with all 7's-then later hit three red ones for 1200-i was on a roll!!! I went to Lucky Stars and hit for 200 more. Then back to Treasure Box and more wins with all 1's and all 7's. After this win streak I ended up withdrawing $2000!!! Due to the last big win of wild, star, star!! You never know when the wins will begin and come on strong!! One thing I do know after 7 years with Slotland is that on Jacks or better the third bet after logging on usually pays off over 90% of the time! Thank you Slotland and keep up your good work in Africa!!

P.S. There is no other site out there that matches your highest monthly deposit 100% for VIP's like Slotland does. Their bonus program is amazing!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Prepare for our Halloween bonuses!

Get 20% of each deposit made on Halloween!

Each deposit you make at Slotland on October 31 (Halloween) will earn you at least a 20% bonus. We say "at least" because you can also win $100 bonuses for each $1,000 deposited PLUS each dollar deposited places you in our weekly draw where you can win up to $500! Imagine making a $200 deposit which pushes your deposits over $1,000 (or an increment of $1,000), thus winning you an additional $100. Your account would then find a total of $340 waiting for you to play ($200 deposit PLUS 20% bonus of $40 PLUS $100 bonus for $1,000 in deposits) and you have 200 tickets to the $500 weekly drawing (400 tickets, if you are a VIP player), which takes place every Wednesday! Scare up a big win this Halloween by playing and winning at Slotland!

Two $500 bonuses for the best jack-o-lanterns!

Everyone loves carving pumpkins and over the years, we have seen some real artists at work creating some amazing characters to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. We would love to see what kind of creations our loyal and inspired players can either make or find in their neighborhood. We are offering two special $500 bonuses for our players; one bonus will be for the most creative REAL jack-o-lantern (either made or discovered in your neighborhood by you) and the second bonus will be for the best illustrated (by hand or using computer software) jack-o-lantern! So let your creative juices flow and get in on this spooky contest! All entries must be received by Friday, November 7, 2008. Winners will be determined and notified on Monday, November 10, 2008 and both winners' names will be displayed in next month's newsletter.

Feel free to visit Slotland!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Heavenly Reels Slot Launched at WinADay.com 3D Casino

Three Dimensional Online Casino Lobby Now Features Four Unique Slots

WinADay.com, the three-dimensional online casino launched recently by Slotland.com, has added another new 3D slot machine to their games lobby. The new Heavenly Reels slot machine is a four pay line slot adorned with heavenly cherubs and with angel wings spinning on its wheels – so much fun it’s nearly sinful.

Strategic slots players will love this one. They can wager on one, two, three or all four pay lines. There are two spins for every wager on Heavenly Reels. After checking the results of the first spin, players can hold any or all of the reels on their second spin.

The Heavenly Reels “Treasure Box” is a special bonus fund that accumulates during game play. Any amount bet on a pay line that lands on the “Wild” symbol – a celestial pig with angel wings -- is added to the Treasure Box which players can open and claim when they match a special code below the reels.

“I’ve been playing slots online for a long time,” said one player visiting the 3-D games lobby for the first time. “But I’ve never had a casino employee walk up to me and ask me if I need anything. Too bad he was just animated --- he was kind of cute!”

“I really like the 3-D entrance and casino lobby but at the end of the day the games the thing, isn’t it?” said another player. “I love all four of the slots at WinADay – the graphics are really cool, much more animated – and more fun -- than any other online slot machine I’ve played.”

The WinADay.com 3-D casino now offers four unique slot machines that can be played just for fun or for real money wagers. All WinADay.com games are in instant-play Flash format that requires no downloading or installation. All four games are tied to one progressive jackpot which is currently over $30,000.

To celebrate the launch of the new game, WinADay.com is offering two special Heavenly Reels bonus prizes. The Big Spinner bonus will go to the player that places the most total bets on Heavenly Reels between October 21 and 31. They’ll get 100% of the deposits used for that play refunded. The Triple Luck prize will go to the player that wins the most in a single spin during the same period. They will receive triple their winnings for that spin.

WinADay.com developers are hard at work on two more totally unique 3-D slot machines. Diamond Mine and Puzzle World will be added to the games lobby in coming months.

Friday, October 17, 2008


We are going to run special contest from Oct. 21 through Oct. 31! Don not forget to check www.winaday.com.

Winaday TOP Spinner: Be the player with most TOTAL BETS during our promotional period and we will return to you 100% of the deposits you made during that time (Oct. 21 through Oct. 31)! This means that for you, all spins and wins are free! Remember, this offer is valid only for wagers made on the Heavenly Reels slot machine.

Winaday Triple Luck: Get the biggest single spin pay out and we will triple your winnings on that spin! You will not be only lucky but you will be lucky 3 times over! Again, this offer is valid only for wagers made on Heavenly Reels.

Please note that final results of the promotion and the awarding of cash prizes will be performed on Monday, November 3, 2008. All cash prizes will be awarded to the winning players’ WINADAY game accounts and may be withdrawn at any time. There are no wagering requirements associated with the above cash prizes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Player Testimonial 1

We decided to publish testimonials from our loyal players. Here is the first one.

I have been a loyal and satisfied player of Slotland for over 7 years. Although I frequent many online sites and although other sites sometimes prove to be more generous in their payouts and bonuses, the customer service at Slotland is exceptional. I have had great help from “Jack” especially; he always goes above and beyond what is expected and understands the concept of keeping the customer satisfied.

So recently Jack rewarded me with a small bonus, I managed to turn that bonus into over $1100.00. WOWEE!!!! I started by playing "JacksOrBetter" and trying my luck and to my delight I hit a FLUSH, FULL HOUSE, and 4 IN A ROW within 5 hands, imagine my excitement, figuring the “luck gods” were with me I switched to “Treasure Box” since I had a $650.00 waiting for me there, all I had to do was hit 3 sevens, which I did by playing $80.00, so I signed off with another $200.00 plus the $650.00…and had very sweet dreams that night with visions of the trip to Hawaii I was going to take with my winnings.

Be patient and always play the maximum and SLOTLAND WILL DELIVER, take it from someone who knows, and always comes back for more.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Special Slotland/Winaday one way cross promo launched!

Special cross promo on www.slotland.com just launched. Affiliate link is being forwarded.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Official launch date for Heavenly Reels is October 9th

New slot machine Heavenly Reels for our nextgen no download casino www.winaday.com is going to be released October 9th.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slotland and Winaday booth at CAP Barcelona 2008

SLOTLAND and WINADAY booth and our amazing hostes at CAP 2008 in Barcelona.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Slotland Is Celebrating Its 10th Year Anniversary!

Special action for October 1st - October 8th

Currently Registered Players

Loyalty Bonus: For each calendar year you have been registered with us (if you registered in 2008, you earn $10; if registered in 2007, you earn $20, etc.), we will credit your account with $10, so long-term players can gain up to $100 just for playing at Slotland at least once! There are only two conditions to claim this bonus: at least once you made a real money deposit during the existence of your account and you received an invitation to this bonus by email. To claim your free bonus money, you only need to login to your account during our week of celebration (October 1 through 8)!

New Players Joining

Welcome Bonus: Register a new account and $10 will immediately be credited to it as a gift from us. All you need to do to claim this bonus is to register your new account and sign in.

For All Players


Birthday Deposit Bonuses: Each deposit you make during Slotland's Birthday week will earn you at least a 20% bonus. We say "at least" because your first and fourth deposit will ALSO yield another 100% bonus to your account, for a total of 120% bonus on those two deposits! And remember that you can also win $100 bonuses for each $1,000 deposited PLUS each dollar deposited places you in our weekly draw where you can win up to $500! Imagine that your first deposit is for $300 and it also happens to push your deposits over $1,000 (or an increment of $1,000), thus winning you an additional $100. Your account would then find a total of $760 waiting for you to play ($300 deposit PLUS 120% bonus of $360 PLUS $100 bonus for $1,000 in deposits) and you have 300 tickets to the $500 weekly drawing (600 tickets, if you are a VIP player), which takes place every Wednesday! Any way you slice it, you can see it makes sense to make your deposits BIG and cash in on a load of bonus money! Make this birthday celebration special for you by playing and winning at Slotland!

Vacation Contest: During our birthday celebration, we are offering a special drawing for every player who makes at least one single deposit of $100 or more. The lucky random winner will be awarded with a vacation package of $5,000! You design your own trip for two (up to $5,000 in value) and we will pay the bill!

For each deposit of $100, you will receive one entry into this exciting drawing; make a single deposit of $200 and get two entries and make a single deposit of $300 and we will give you FIVE entries into the drawing. At the end of the birthday celebration period, we will conduct a random drawing of all eligible players and one lucky person will be notified to start planning their dream vacation of a lifetime!

NOTICE: SLOTLAND does not accept members less than 18 years of age. It is each member's responsibility to abide by the gambling and taxation laws of their respective jurisdictions.

For more info visit SLOTLAND

Monday, September 22, 2008

Join us in Barcelona CAP- visit our booth 52

Feel free to visit our booth 52 durin CAP EURO in Barcelona.

The event will take place at the Princess Sofia Hotel on Sept 25th, 26th and 27th 2008.

The structure is as follows:

Thurs Sept 25th 2008
All day – Sponsors set up stands
Afternoon – Sponsored welcome cocktail party
Evening – Blackjack.com party in the port

Fri Sept 26th 2008 - Conference and Expo day
Morning – Expo opens – Conference Program
After lunch –Affiliate series of poker within the expo room (ASOP.com) with free bar running throughout afternoon. This will provide a perfect environment for networking within the expo room.
Evening – Sponsored opening party

Sat Sept 27th 2008 - Conference and Expo day

Morning - Conference and exhibition with final conference session after lunch
Mid PM – Final table of ASOP with free bar for all delegates in expo room
Evening – Sponsored party

We will present our products:


Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Slot - Heavenly Reels

We are working on new slot with the name Heavenly Reels for www.winaday.com. Check the preview and let us know how you like it..

Slotland Celebrates 10th Birthday at CAP Euro

New Marketing Director Introduces New Products and Special Birthday Promotions in Barcelona

Old-school slots and video poker site SLOTLAND.com will celebrate its 10th birthday at CAP Euro with a contest and special birthday bonuses for players and a special cash bonus for affiliates. They’ll also toast the official the launch of their new Spanish site while in Barcelona, and will be showing off their new 3D casino and free slot sites.

Slotland was a pioneer back in the early days of online casinos and as one of the first to offer real money casino games on mobile phones, and by constantly developing new and better games, they’ve kept that pioneering spirit alive.

Slotland will award a $5000 Vacation Prize to one lucky player during the 10th Birthday Contest that begins October 1st. Meanwhile, Slotland’s new Marketing Director, Ondrej Tuma, will host a champagne toast at the all-slots-and-video-poker site’s booth at CAP Euro. Slotland will also toast the official launch of their new Spanish site in Barcelona.

Special birthday bonuses and a free contest will no doubt improve their conversions, but that’s not the only good news Slotland has for affiliates. For every new player referred in October, Affiliates will receive an additional $25 bonus.

“We’ve just put the final finishing touches on the Spanish site so we’re looking forward to having a little fiesta in Barcelona to celebrate with affiliates,” said Tuma. “We’ll also be introducing two other brands: WinADay.com, our new 3D casino, and FreeSlot.com, a free tournament site where we award almost $10,000 in weekly cash prizes.”

Tuma comes to Slotland after 4 years as a marketing director in the mobile gaming industry and many years as a PC and console gaming writer and editor before that. His first contact with the igaming industry was playing Slotland’s real-money mobile slot machines and video poker. He looks forward to total igaming industry immersion in Barcelona during EiG and CAP Euro!

iGaming Media and Casino Affiliates are invited to join Slotland’s new Marketing Director in Barcelona in celebrating Slotland’s 10th birthday and the launch of their new Spanish site. There will be a piƱata and lots of sangria to fete the Spanish site launch on Friday following the Spanish language panels at CAP, and on Saturday September 27th there’ll be cake and champagne to toast the tenth birthday of this truly remarkable company.

Please contact Larry Colcy at Lyceum Media for details:
larry@lyceummedia.com +44 (0)207 953 4026.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Big Progressive Jackpot Winner at Slotland Already

$168,947 win comes just weeks after recent $108,000 jackpot

It’s only been a few weeks since SLOTLAND.com announced a major jackpot winner and their famously regular progressive jackpot has already been hit again, this time for $108,060 (€78,550). Just last month the all-slots-and-video-poker site announced a $168,947 (€123,000) jackpot win.

A player known as MSMIKEY was playing the popular “Jacks or Better” video slot when she struck it rich on her 134th spin that night. MSMIKEY has been a regular player at Slotland.com for almost two years. Although all slots and video poker games on Slotland’s mobile casino site are connected to the same progressive jackpot as their web games, MSMIKEY was playing on her home computer when she got lucky.

The object of the “Jacks or Better” is to obtain the best possible poker hand. On the initial deal, players are dealt five cards face up. They can hold all cards dealt or receive up to five new ones. Hands are ranked according to standard poker hand rankings, although in this game the player must have at least a pair of Jacks to win.

For years, Slotland’s progressive jackpot has been hit quite regularly. The site has announced a major winner every six weeks or so, always for over $100,000. It had taken longer than usual for the last win, but MSMIKEY’s win puts the notoriously regular jackpot back on schedule.

“Our jackpot has never reached millions of dollars like some do,” said Martin Smith of Slotland. “But then, we only go weeks, not years, between jackpot wins. I think our players feel like they have a better chance of winning our jackpot. We’ve certainly never had a winner that was disappointed in a $100,000 -$200,000 win!”

Slotland’s progressive jackpot is reset at $50,000 after each win. Each time a player “plays the progressive” a portion of their wager is added to the progressive jackpot pool. Since all the games on the website and the mobile site are tied to the same jackpot, the value can increase very quickly and to very large amounts as this one did. The jackpot is already back to over $65,000 and continues to climb daily.

Slotland’s biggest jackpot winner ever was a lucky Canadian player that won $195,083 (€126,910) in March. A player known as TOPNOTCHED had held the record prior to that for their $179,166 (€130,180K) win on the “Golden 8” slot machine last May. So far, the biggest jackpot win on a mobile casino game was the $163K (€116K) that “OLYMPIAGOLD” won playing the mobile version of “Lucky Stars” in early 2006.

Slotland.com features seven unique slot machines and three video poker games. Four slot machines and two video poker games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs.

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