Saturday, October 25, 2008

Player Testimonial 2


Slotland is AWESOME!! Of all the internet gambling sites Slotland is the most generous and honest!! I had an outstanding summer with so many wins I lost track of!! Each time I would make a withdrawal I would think the computer KNEW and would not let me win again. Boy was I wrong!! In September after a few deposits and even a major 500 bonus win I played one night and did terrible for awhile-then wham! The wins began again with Treasure Box! I hit the treasury for 280 and more with all 7's-then later hit three red ones for 1200-i was on a roll!!! I went to Lucky Stars and hit for 200 more. Then back to Treasure Box and more wins with all 1's and all 7's. After this win streak I ended up withdrawing $2000!!! Due to the last big win of wild, star, star!! You never know when the wins will begin and come on strong!! One thing I do know after 7 years with Slotland is that on Jacks or better the third bet after logging on usually pays off over 90% of the time! Thank you Slotland and keep up your good work in Africa!!

P.S. There is no other site out there that matches your highest monthly deposit 100% for VIP's like Slotland does. Their bonus program is amazing!!

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