Friday, November 28, 2008

Player Testimonial 3

I've been a player at Slotland for many years and it never gets old. The wins I've had recently have been unbeleivable. I've seen the same color sevens and the same color ones many times on the TreasureBox.

I've seen several straight flush's and four of a kind several times on Jacks or Better, On Lucky Stars, I've had three stars at least 3 times! The winning is far more than any other casino; that's why I play here. I usually play at max bet and the amounts I've won are very high. It is so exciting to see three of the same color ones for a $1200 win or even to see three stars for a $400 win, not counting the same color sevens for $500. The three stars will get you $600.00 at max bet and a straight flush will win you $500 on a $10 bet.

It is so fun I find myself playing many times a week. I've been lucky enough to win the Whale of the Month Contest for a cool $1500, and for the funniest summer story about my husband's painting episode I won $500!

Thanks Slotland, you really shine in my book!!! Thanks for all the fun!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slotland $5000 Vacation Contest winner is FACTOR from Sweden.

Here is a short interview with FAKTOR.

SLOTLAND: How long have you been playing at Slotland?
FAKTOR: I have been playing for around 9 years.

SLOTLAND: What do you like most about slot machines?
FAKTOR: The fact they are not complicated.

SLOTLAND: What is your favorite slot machine at Slotland and why?
FAKTOR: Magic, because I get free spins every now and then.

SLOTLAND: How have things changed since you first started playing?
FAKTOR: A lot of new slots have been added.

SLOTLAND: How much do you bet on average?
FAKTOR: I almost always bet the maximum allowed.

SLOTLAND: How often do you place a "Max Bet"? Why?
FAKTOR: I almost always place max bet because I want the chance to win the jackpot.

SLOTLAND: Do you usually play the progressive? Why or why not?
FAKTOR: Yes, again because I want a chance at the jackpot.

SLOTLAND: What's the most you've ever won?
FAKTOR: The most I have won was around 500 dollars.

SLOTLAND: What's your strategy for winning at slot machines?
FAKTOR: My strategy is to play on different machines.

SLOTLAND: What would you do if you won a huge jackpot ($150,000)?
FAKTOR: I would pay off my home loan and travel to Hawaii with my family.

SLOTLAND: Do you ever go to a casino to play slots or do you just play online?
FAKTOR: I go to casinos every now and then.

SLOTLAND: Have you ever played Slotland games on your mobile phone?

SLOTLAND: How do you know when it's time to quit playing for a while?
FAKTOR: When I have lost the amount I can afford to lose.

SLOTLAND: What would you like to see at Slotland?
FAKTOR: I would like a slot machine with a function for many free spins.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Heavenly Reels Contest Winners

It is time to announce the winners of our time-limited promotion, which ran from Oct. 21 through Oct. 31. Player SEPIN had TRIPLE LUCK and her biggest win of $1826.25 was tripled to $5478.75. SEPIN also won our Top Spinner contest so all her deposits made during the promotion were returned to her. Congratulations!