Friday, January 16, 2009

Interview with first Winaday jackpot winner

A big congratulations to Monica68 from Italy for hitting our first jackpot of $148,724 while playing Wheeler Dealer Tuesday, Jan. 13th. Please check the short interview with the winner.

What are you planning to do with the jackpot you won recently?
Monica68: I have always wanted to go to America and see California. I want to take my husband and children to Hollywood and Disneyland!

How long have you been playing at Winaday?
Monica68: I started playing when I received email from Slotland telling me that they started a new casino. I think I might be one of the first players to join at Win A Day!

What do you like most about our slot machines?
Monica68: I really love that I get to see and hear the gambling action. It really makes it more real for me. Also, I like that I can walk around to different parts of the casino and watch the virtual employees.

What is your favorite slot machine at Winaday and why?
Monica68: It is Wheeler Dealer, because I won the jackpot on it! Even before I won, Wheeler Dealer was my favorite. From the first time I played it, I always seemed lucky. In fact, I was first playing Wheeler Dealer with the Lo bet button on and I got 3 cash symbols while betting $.50 on each line. Even though I won $500, I realized that I could hit the jackpot if I were betting max!

What other games would you like to see at Winaday?
Monica68: More slot machines please:)

How much do you bet on average?
Monica68: I usually try to deposit $200 when I play. That way I can bet max without running out so fast!

How often do you place a "Max Bet"? Why?
Monica68: Now I always make max bets, since I could have won the jackpot before on Wheeler Dealer!

Do you usually play the progressive? Why or why not?
Monica68: Yes, I play it because that makes the games much more exciting!

What's the most you've ever won before?
Monica68: At Slotland I have cashed out $2,000 or more three times. I have been lucky at other casinos too, but now my best win is from Win A Day!

What's your strategy for winning at slot machines?
Monica68: Bet max and feel lucky:)

Do you ever go to a casino to play slots or do you just play online?
Monica68: Sometimes I like to go to real casinos, but I think playing online is easier so I play online most of the time.

How do you know when it's time to quit playing for a while?
Monica68: If my deposit goes quickly out, sometimes I will wait for another week.

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