Friday, November 6, 2009

November Promotions at online casino Slotland

Friday and Saturday, November 6-7
How it sounds? Make a deposit and get it right back!

Each hour Slotland will randomly select 4 online casino players whose deposits will be refunded. At the beginning of each hour of the day, the system will search to find which players have made a deposit the previous hour (for example, at 8:00 AM EST, the system will randomly select four players who made a deposit between 7:00 AM and 7:59 AM). Those randomly selected players will receive an email with congratulation. A copy of this email will be sent to the Customer Support Department at the same time. Within maximally 24 hours, Customer Support will have credited back to players account the last deposit they made before receiving this email.

Sunday, November 8
10-20-25 BONUSES!
Get 10%, 20% or 25% bonus on your deposit!

Do not miss this great bonus, where everyone gets rewarded simply by making deposits during the promotional period. This bonus is very easy to claim and rewards are simple and immediate. Any deposit for less than $100 earns a 10% bonus. Any deposit for $100 earns a 20% bonus. And finally any $200 deposit earns a whopping 25% bonus! Sounds good So what are you waiting for! This promotion is amazingfor each and every deposit that you make!

November 6-8!
WIN FREE $$$ at online casino Slotland!

Each deposit made during our promotional weekend earns you a ticket in the online casino Slotland Bonus Draw. At the end of the promotional weekend, a random drawing of 50 names will take place on Thursday, November 12. The first 50 randomly drawn names will each win a $25 bonus! Multiple bonuses will be awarded to any player lucky enough to randomly appear more than once in the drawing. SPECIAL! Any online casino Slotland player that makes a total of $500 or more in deposits AUTOMATICALLY WINS a $50 bonus PLUS each deposit STILL qualifies for the random bonus draw! All winners will be notified by email and their accounts will be credited with their bonuses by the end of Friday, November 13.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Please note that these promotions start at the beginning of Friday (12:01 AM) and will end at midnight (12:00 PM) on Sunday evening, Eastern Standard Time. And please do remember that at Slotland, we only employ fair and generous wagering requirements: all bonuses (and any deposits made to earn such bonuses) must be wagered at least once prior to requesting a cash withdrawal.

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