Thursday, March 19, 2009

Win A Day games summary

Here are the games you can currently play:

Jack's Show - Raise the curtain and let the show begin! Enjoy this spectacular video poker game where your cards are the stars! Play well and the Jester will perform special antics!

Lucky Go Round - Step right up and take a spin on our Lucky Go Round carousel! The most courageous visitors may measure their strength with our Strongman in the Power-Up sideshow! Those who prefer certainty to risk should know that all their non winning wagers are put in the Lucky Go Round Fund! Lucky Go Round is a three-wheel, single-payline slot machine game with exciting features.

Wheeler Dealer - Spin the wheels of the Wheeler Dealer slot! Don't fear the evil greedy banker - simply look below - you have an ally behind the counter! With his assistance, you can rob the bank vault! This 9-wheel, 8-payline slot machine has plenty to offer, including a free bonus spin, Progressive Jackpot and awesome payouts!

Heavenly Reels - Have you ever encountered a slot machine that was so heavenly that it seems sinful to enjoy each spin? Get ready to land in seventh heaven when you play Heavenly Reels, the latest slot machine from Win A Day Casino! And what is even more divine is that you actually get two spins for every wager you make! Give Heavenly Reels a spin and you may indeed find that your prayers are finally answered: fun gaming excitement matched with awesome pay outs makes it a blessed experience for all!

Gold Boom - The Gold Rush days are not over, now that you have your own Gold Boom in your home! Gold Boom is a 9-wheel, 6-pay line slot machine that offers free bonus spins, Progressive Jackpot and awesome payouts!

Slot-O-Matic - Slot-O-Matic is a single payline slot machine equipped with four reels. This User Guide allows you to start playing the Slot-O-Matic machine and enjoying it's simple and fast action. WARNING: Due to frequent win combinations, the Slot-O-Matic machine has proven to be highly addicting! Proceed at your own risk of having too much fun while winning the Jackpot!

Vegas Mania - comming soon

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