Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ReelRiot is coming soon!

As anyone who has spent any time at Slotland knows, the games they provide are never normal or boring. Each game provides a unique (and sometimes unusual) feature to keep their players entertained as well as challenged. Well this time, the Slotland development team must have had a real riot putting together their latest creation, which is not surprisingly named ReelRiot!

It seems like they pulled out all the stops in coming up with this beauty. When you imagine a three reel, one pay line slot machine, you usually yawn and think of something rather ordinary. Once again, Slotland has taken the simplest slot machine concept and revved it up to the max!

First off, look for the double wild symbol, since that will double the pay out on any winning combination. If you are not so lucky as to get a winning combination, you can hold any of the reels on your next spin. So if you pull up a double wild symbol and don't win, then you can hold that symbol and try to match up a winner on the next spin. To make it easier, the machine will continue to hold the same reel you selected until you either win or deselect the reel."

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