Wednesday, October 7, 2009 3D Casino Jackpot Getting Bigger, Faster - Currently Over $106K

The progressive jackpot at online casino Win A Day has just gone over $106,000 and players at the unique slots and video poker site are getting the feeling that the next big jackpot win could happen any day.

There aren’t a lot of statistics to base that feeling on. Although it’s operated by one of the oldest online slots sites ( online casino Win A Day just celebrated its first birthday this summer and has only had four major jackpot winners to date.

Usually, the jackpot at Win A Day gets to about $150,000 before someone gets lucky and wins it. There’s also usually been about three months between wins, too, and it’s only been a month and a half since the last one. So it may be a bit premature to expect the next win to be imminent.

“Gamblers often go a lot by hunches,” said Ondrej Tuma of online casino Win A Day. “Of course we have no idea when the jackpot will be won but in the past when a jackpot gets to six figures that’s when we really start to see a lot of players betting max and going for it. Of course, that makes the jackpot grow even faster!”

The last jackpot winner at Win A Day was Marlieska won $153,977 in August playing the new Vegas Mania. Monica68 won WinADay’s very first big jackpot, ($148,724 (€116,200), on the Wheeler Dealer slot machine. Then, right after the single-payline Slot-O-Matic was launched, “123jaki” played it to win $159,660 (€123,620). In May BONDGIRL won $100, 224 (€73,970) – the second big jackpot to be won on the Wheeler Dealer.

A video preview of’s newest game, the colourful Bonus Poker video poker, is on YouTube.

There’s nothing to download or install at It’s an instant-play casino so players can go straight to the three-dimensional games lobby where animated casino staff will help them decide which of the eight one-of-a-kind games to try first and be playing in minutes.

The progressive jackpot at WinADay’s parent site,, has risen to over $160,000 and is also teasing players with the prospect of a very big win on the very next spin.


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