Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quarter Million Dollar Bonanza is a Lot to Take in for German Jackpot Winner at WinADay

August 20, 2014, London, UK (Press Release) – Although it’s what all casino players hope for, sometimes it can take a while to sink in when a player has a massive win.  The latest progressive jackpot winner at WinADay Casino ( knows that feeling.  Sascha K from Germany is still trying to get his head around his $226,053 win.

Most of WinADay’s instant play casino games are tied to one progressive jackpot. Sascha won his jackpot playing the popular Slot 21 game.

“I’ve never ever been this lucky before,” the winner told a WinADay customer service representative.  “I’ve won some small prizes in the past but never this big. I only gamble occasionally so it was a huge surprise.”

We haven’t decided what to do with the money yet -- we’re still trying to actually believe that we won! We know we did as it was confirmed by the casino, but it’s just so unbelievable. We have been talking about all sorts of investments. One thing we know is we won't be spending it all at once.”

 “When I realized what I’d won I started jumping around and shouting random words of excitement, the jumping then turned into weird dance moves.  My amazing wife came running when she heard me shouting then she danced along with me.”

Slot 21 is a 21 payline slot game that combines classic slot machine fun with a variation of a Blackjack card game. Players can double their winnings in the bonus game and play against the bank for the best hand.  Sascha spun five Crown symbols, with a bet over $5, to win the progressive jackpot.

“I like Slot 21 – it’s like playing slots and cards at the same time. I also enjoy Vegas Mania, Hold the Riches, Sands of Gold.”

“My advice to other slots players is to play to enjoy the games.  Don't go overboard, stick to your set budget and you will enjoy it. If a game doesn't seem to be hot, try a different one.”

After five wins between $150,000 and $200,000 over the last year or so, this is WinADay’s second largest jackpot win to date. An American dad won $266,800 -- the biggest jackpot ever -- playing the Carnival slot game.

WinADay recently celebrated its sixth birthday by adding several new penny slots. There are now 28 premium slots, most tied to one progressive jackpot.  There are also 15 penny slots and 10 video poker games as well as Roulette and Keno. Specially enhanced versions of the penny slots are available for iPhone, iPad and Android phone and tablet users.

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