Thursday, January 19, 2017

LCB Interviews Slotland's Jack Jelinek

For our members, this guy needs no introduction. He’s Jack, the man representing Slotland and Win A Day here on LCB and the recent winner of the GAFFG award for 2016Trusted Affiliate Manger’. The casinos reached several major milestones in 2016 including Slotland’s 18th year online, a slew of video poker game releases and over $200,000 in cashback given back to LCB’ers. We managed to steal a few moments from Jack and there was plenty to talk about.

1. Thanks for chatting with us and by the way, happy new year. Congrats on your GAFFG award. This was the first for you, right?

Thanks a bunch and belated Happy New Year to all LCB members as well as the hard working team behind it. Yep, there is always a first time for everything. Although I wouldn't exactly consider myself a newbie in the industry, I was still quite shocked to learn I won GAFFG award when never really caring about turning my name into a brand. It sure feels great appearing on the list with such superstars like LCB itself, and other famous people of the industry. So let me return the favor and congratulate LCB and everyone behind it for winning the GAFFG award as well.

2. How did you end up in the casino business?

Law of probability can sure take you to unexpected paths. Back in the day while still working on my degree I got myself two part-time jobs. One kinda boring day-job at a major corporate bank and another super exciting one throughout the night working as a customer service rep for a site called Slotland. Back then Slotland was out for only a few years, being one of the first twenty online casinos out there. The overall workload soon turned out to be unbearable, so when the time came to make a choice, being young at heart, I paid the corporate world a big farewell and never looked back...

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