Thursday, October 23, 2008


Prepare for our Halloween bonuses!

Get 20% of each deposit made on Halloween!

Each deposit you make at Slotland on October 31 (Halloween) will earn you at least a 20% bonus. We say "at least" because you can also win $100 bonuses for each $1,000 deposited PLUS each dollar deposited places you in our weekly draw where you can win up to $500! Imagine making a $200 deposit which pushes your deposits over $1,000 (or an increment of $1,000), thus winning you an additional $100. Your account would then find a total of $340 waiting for you to play ($200 deposit PLUS 20% bonus of $40 PLUS $100 bonus for $1,000 in deposits) and you have 200 tickets to the $500 weekly drawing (400 tickets, if you are a VIP player), which takes place every Wednesday! Scare up a big win this Halloween by playing and winning at Slotland!

Two $500 bonuses for the best jack-o-lanterns!

Everyone loves carving pumpkins and over the years, we have seen some real artists at work creating some amazing characters to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. We would love to see what kind of creations our loyal and inspired players can either make or find in their neighborhood. We are offering two special $500 bonuses for our players; one bonus will be for the most creative REAL jack-o-lantern (either made or discovered in your neighborhood by you) and the second bonus will be for the best illustrated (by hand or using computer software) jack-o-lantern! So let your creative juices flow and get in on this spooky contest! All entries must be received by Friday, November 7, 2008. Winners will be determined and notified on Monday, November 10, 2008 and both winners' names will be displayed in next month's newsletter.

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