Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Online Casino Slotland: Player Testimonial - Call it Magic, Luck, or a Lucky Charm.

I just recently returned from vacationing in Vegas and had no desire to play Slotland for awhile. Needless to say my Husband, of course "had a Feeling", and insist that we play one hundred dollars with the match bonus.

We played just about all the games that Slotland provided and we were "just not hitting". After playing more than we anticipated and well over three hundred, I began feeling "the frustration", I looked at my husband, who was sitting on his rocker half asleep and I said as I spin the last of what was left on balance "so much for your Feeling".
And was about to call it the day after writing to the Slotland team, when Ryan respond by adding a surprise $25.00 bonus to my account. Thanks to Ryan! By then my husband was asleep on his rocker and my mind was just a blank. I continued to play without waking him and soon my balance was up to $50, then $100, $200, $300, $400 and $500.
I made a five dollar bet on the Booster, spinned and got the bars. Then went to play the $10 bet on the Jacks or Better and got the four Aces. It finally hit me that I was ahead. By then I had woken my husband and yelled "look". I must have shook the chair real hard, as he woke saying "what", "what"... He looked at me and all I could do was point at the Web.

He could not believe his eyes saying "holy shit" and insisting, that I withdraw four hundred to my previous two other withdrawals. I made a recovering remark, Maybe you felt my luck instead... We both laughed and the frustration was no longer there... For all of you who believe in Lucky charms, it so happen that I was blessed that day. Call it magic, Luck, but today, what was a disaster, turned out to be one lucky three hours of a Lucky streak. AND every game that I played I won. Can you believe that.. My special $25 bonus turned out to be an $800.00 jackpot for me.

I am so thrilled and I still can't believe it. I recieved an email from Slotland that the $800.00 had been processed. And yes, I do have two lucky charms Ryan and Jack. Thanks guys... you are the BEST!

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