Thursday, September 24, 2009

Player Testimonial - I love to play at online casino Slotland

Let me start out by saying that it is no secret that I love to play at Slotland! Any of you who know me,.. knows that without a doubt!!

Last week I won $1200 at Slotand!!! How I did this was amazing! I started out playing on my favorite game Jacks Or Better. I kept going back and forth money-wise and I really wasn't getting anywhere, so I went to Slotris to play. I starting hitting. I went from about $200 to $800 in nothing flat! Well, I started losing that pretty quickly, so I went back to Jacks Or Better. Ah, hah!,.. I started hitting there; then it stopped and I started losing again!

So, I went back to Slotris and almost immediately I shot up to, I believe it was $1700!!! Then I started going down again, so I went back to Jacks Or Better. I hung out there for a while going up and down until I got down to somewhere around $400. So I quit for a while.

After about, oh,... an hour or so,.. I came back. (I can't help it. Slotland just seems to call me: "Connie, Connie, come get me Connie!! lol) I played about a hundred down on Jacks Or Better and then went back to Slotris. I started hitting again and got up to $1400 again! So I started losing a little and went back to Jacks Or Better. I played down till I got to $1200 and then I quit,..a tired, but happy camper!

Anyway, bouncing back and forth from one game to the other, is why I like to call my story,..."The Yo Yo".

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