Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poem for Celebration of 11 Years of Being #1 Online Casino

More about 11th anniversay here.

I am so glad it's your birthday and I have something for you. To show my appreciation for what you have done for me, as a depositing player. I really hope your around for many more years to come, as you are the most EXCELLENT casino online and excel in customer service!!! Here is a poem I wrote for you in celebration of 11 years of being #1 online casino and through GoneGambling, I am glad I found you and that you are a major sponsor, as well as Win A Day to give us players opportunities to enjoy our gaming experience!!!

Thank you for being there for us!!! Hope you like my tribute poem to you for your Birthday.

Slotlands 11th Birthday

Over the years, it's been a great great ride,
Slotland has earned it's place, among the true and tried.

Make sure your here, for their birthday bash,
They are gonna celebrate with "Us", crediting accounts with some surprise cash.

Be a loyal player to Slotland and you will see,
There is no better place to play and where you will want to be!!!

Their birthday earmarks, the pride they display,
To give us players chances, that no other casino, can top on that day!!!

Slotland deserves the best birthday, they can have from us,
Make sure you join the party, deposit and win, its a great big plus!!!

Slotland has climbed the ladder of success, throughout the years one by one,
To give us valued players the best Slot Entertainment and "Hey what's that word? Oh yeah "FUN"!!!

Birthdays are so very special and we the players are throwing no curve,
To join in with you, to celebrate the Birthday you so richly deserve!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Slotland, with wishes galore,
May you always have success and our hopes and dreams for many many more!!!

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