Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Reel Riot Slot Machine Has Features for Both Novice and Experienced Players

The games designers at Slotland.com have outdone themselves once again with the launch of their latest creation, the Reel Riot. It’s a single payline slot machine that Slotland has revved up to the max by including a “Double Wild” bonus symbol and by making it possible to hold any reel for the next spin.

The leopard-print console and retro graphics give this new game a kind of Old Vegas feel. New slots players will find it easy to learn its basic features. More experienced players that like to use some strategy to increase their odds will enjoy the Hold feature.

The Double Wild symbol doubles the pay out on any winning combination. Three Double Wild symbols in any position and on any of the three lines (not just the payline) earns a Bonus Round where winnings can sky rocket with a series of multipliers.

Although this is a single pay line slot machine, players will find themselves keeping an eye on the other two lines as well, since they can earn a bonus round by catching three Double Wild symbols in any position. The Hold feature can be used to hold a reel for winning combinations on the payline and to hold Double Wild symbols in any of the three lines.

“We have some multi-payline games for players that like to raise the stakes by playing several lines at once,” said Tuma. “But we’ve found that players also really like single payline games, especially if they’ve got some opportunities for strategy built into them.”

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