Monday, August 24, 2009

Slotland’s 11th Birthday Celebration is coming soon!

Do you remember being 10 years old and your 11th birthday was just around the corner? If you do, you remember how exciting it was to have made it through a decade with plenty more coming. Well, Slotland is just about to turn 11, and everyone at Slotland is just as excited as a 10 year old and we can hardly wait to celebrate! We envision lots of prizes and fun, and like any thrilled ten year old, our wish was to make this birthday last as long as possible. And are we lucky! We will be celebrating Slotland’s 11th birthday for an entire week, starting on October 1 and ending on October 7!

The best thing about our birthday celebration is that there are lots of great gifts, but they are for YOU, our loyal, partying players! Check out the gifts waiting for you:

First off, don’t be a party pooper! Even if you are not ready to make a deposit, be sure to log into your Slotland account sometime during our birthday week (October 1 through October 7); you may find a nice something in your account. We all love secrets and surprises, so for now, that is all the information you are going to get!

And if a special something magically appearing in your account is just not enough to make it a real party for you, check out this cool bonus: for every deposit made during our birthday week (October 1 through October 7), you get an automatic and immediate 11% bonus added to your account!

Want more? How about this... at the end of our birthday week (October 1 through October 7); we will perform a random drawing and issue the following prizes:

111 players will win $11; 11 players will win $111; and one very lucky player will be selected to win $1,111! Every deposit you make during our birthday week (October 1 through October 7) earns you one ticket for this exciting drawing. And remember that you also will get an awesome 11% bonus on any deposit made!

We want this party to be big and awesome, so be sure to invite all of your friends as well. If they are not already Slotland players, this is their lucky chance to sign up, because during our birthday week (October 1 through October 7), any new Slotland player will receive a free and automatic $10 just for signing up! Of course, once they have signed up and joined the party, any additional deposits made during our birthday week (October 1 through October 7) will earn 11% bonuses.

This is going to be a great birthday bash, so don’t miss it! Before we close, we would like to take a quick walk down memory lane and reflect on the life of Slotland:

It all started back in 1998, when Slotland opened its doors with our first (and still popular!) slot machine, Golden 8. Later in the same year, Silver Kiss was added as the second game at Slotland. In 1999, we saw the additions of Heavy Metal, Jacks or Better, Magic and Wild Heart. Since these modest beginnings, we have grown to a total 15 unique and exciting games for our players, as well as converting 6 of our most popular games over to the mobile platform. And as if that were not enough for a mere ten year old, last year brought a new little sister to the Slotland family: Win A Day Casino! And this new kid on the block is growing fast, with 8 games already on board and paying out winnings to our satisfied players. Unlike most toddlers, Win A Day Casino is actually fun to play with and can be quite rewarding!

We at Slotland are grateful for our wonderful and loyal players. Our philosophy has always been to make winning fun and exciting, and it has paid off by allowing us to grow and continue to offer more thrilling ways for you to win. Maybe your next win will be the jackpot; remember, it is SOMEONE’S turn next. Why not make that someone you?

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